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Will we succeed?

In today’s episode, we look at what we need in our country for success. We read the Founder’s Bible, finishing up the book of Joshua and starting the book of Judges. We look at the bio of some patriots. We ask the question what makes a good leader? We find the answer to that laid out clearly in the Bible.



{1:00}    What is absolute truth?

{3:00}    Our ministry for those who don’t know what we do?

{5:00}    Thoughts from the book of Joshua.

{13:00}  Death penalty cases from America’s history.

{19:30}  Story of a slave trader.

{22:00}  Bios from patriots.

{35:00}  The book of Judges.

{38:00}  More Bios of patriots.

{40:00}  What happens if good men refuse to serve?


Quote:  When we are educated in the word, we don’t need to be fearful of other religions because we know how to share the gospel.




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