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How then shall we live?

In this episode, Brad takes a few moments over tea, to explore how we can develop that powerful faith in our lives. You’ll hear how the Old Testament story of redemption and obedience played a big role in the founding of the United States…and how that influence is with us, even to this day.


You’ll also learn about the role of obedience, service, and patience in becoming the kind of leader that God calls us to be.


Key insights:

  • Foundation of United States
  • The journey of Benjamin Franklin
  • Responding to the Call of God
  • How easily the seeds of tyranny can sprout?
  • The Mayflower Compact
  • Eradication of the evil.


Conversation highlights:

[00:41] Teshuah Tea company in a nutshell.

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[06:44] Preliminary of the Book

  • How to deal with Sin and receive forgiveness?

[09:00] Ben Franklin was considered as One of the three most notable founding fathers of America.

[16:42] The State does not have the authority over the Church.

[20:41] The Government of Christ begin in the heart of the individuals.

[24:42] Responding to God’s Call…..

 [37:29] Living in the reign of God.

  • The Mayflower Compact
  • The constitution stated that this would be a Government based on the rule of law rather than the rule of man.

 [46:31] Passionate followers of Jesus Christ decided to never stop and to never quit.

  • They were the ones who first brought the torch of liberty to the shores of the United States.

[50:12] The Biography of Richard Henry Lee

 [52:10] Give the Girls a new chance of Life!

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Remarkable quotes:

“The Book of Leviticus is about learning to worship a holy God.”


“Different governing bodies have their own jurisdiction.”


“He taught them to never stop seeking.”


“Self government by its very nature yields peace.”


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