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Escape from Tyranny

When you are in your darkest hour, going through hell or high water, that one small light is always there to guide you if you have the faith.

We all need a  hope, to walk on the righteous path that leads us to God.

We often lose our hope at midway but that faith keeps us alive….like the seven leaders who were imprisoned yet they didn’t lost their faith in God and tried once again. In the meantime, some of them even succeeded to persuie their journey to blessings.

The surrounding darkness demands, that it be lifted high for those who become a beacon of hope to others.

That is what this podcast is about, finding and keeping the hope until we are redeemed.

In this episode, Brad takes a few moments over tea, to explore how we can develop that powerful faith in our lives. You’ll hear how the Old Testament story of redemption and obedience played a big role in the founding of the United States…and how that influence is with us, even to this day.

You’ll also learn about the role of obedience, service, and patience in becoming the kind of leader that God calls us to be.

Key insights:

  • Persecution is nothing new
  • Like a flame to fresh Tinder, it caught fire
  • Unchecked tyranny spreads power corrupts
  • He even agreed to publish his own bible
  • There is a Wall of separation between the church and the state!
  • Young teens were often placed in the street to warn off the approaching authorities
  • All they wanted to do is gather in freedom, worship the lord and study his words for themself
  • For days on, they didn’t saw the sun, moon or the sky

Conversation highlights:

[00:50] The great mission of Teshuah Tea company

[09:52] “Bible is the source for American freedom and it is gonna help America restore.”

[11:18] Salvation brought them to the brink of extinction.

[13:36] Geneva Bible, the mascot of Liberty!

[15:38] The covalent relation between God and man

[18:20] Takeaway#1 – Check out our Coffee collection at Teshuah Tea website.

[21:39] He believe that God gave him the right to rule in anyway he chose!

[27:05] Why would you yearn for the drippings of dirty backwash from someone else mouth when you could drink from purely following itself?

[32:08] They plan for another escape, and secretly agreed to leave for Holland

[40:30] Takeaway #2 – Help us get a tea shop open! Your donations means a lot.

Remarkable quotes:

  • “If you lived or borned within a certain radius of Church of England ,you were automatically a member from birth to death.”
  • “They didn’t came to Holland for freedom, they came for blessing!”
  • “Bible became even more precious than their lives.”

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