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In this episode of Liberty Unveiled ( Teshuah Unveiled), Brad Hopp and Pastor Sam delve much deeper into a more detailed history of Teshuah and the reality of the problem of sex trafficking all over the world. They also introduce the creation story shedding light on salient points surrounding it.

Listen and be enlightened

Conversation Highlights

[02:04] The Thai Dark Roast Coffee

[02:50] Brad describes the foundation of Teshuah, narrating events that led up to their work of rescuing girls, as well as real-life experiences from the mission field in communist Asia.

[12:12] Think about the gifts, interests, and abilities that God has given you, are you letting God use them?

[13:29} Apart from rescuing girls from sex trafficking, Teshuah also provides education and opportunities for financial empowerment by teaching the girls skills to make products and buying these products from them.

[24:23] You can support the work of Teshuah by making donations or buying the Teshuah products which directly supports the rescue mission and also encourages the growth of the business run by the girls.

[29:00] Brad shares recent news about trafficking in different countries all over the world

[38:24] This isn’t how God designed it to be.

[43:53] We are going to have our lives weighed by the Ten Commandments, God’s moral law

[47:24] Genesis chapter  1

[52:45] According to the scriptures, God made us just a little lower than Elohim (God himself), above all the angels

[55:06] When it comes to Teshuah and “Equipping the Persecuted”, it’s about rescuing people and saving their lives physically and spiritually


Remarkable Quotes:

[30:49] “We may not be able to solve all the problems in the world but we can make a difference in one person’s life”

[40:33] “The old testament is not out of date”

[53:01] “Mankind is the Apex of God’s creation”

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